Syctom, a “natural” partner of the COP21


Syctom is linked to the event both as a public service and as an expert. It is in charge of providing information on waste processing products during the event and informing the public on the « best practice » for sorting, as it does at various events dedicated to promoting sustainable development, in partnership with its member municipalities.

The COP21 is an ideal meeting ground for experts, in which Sytcom can highlight its capacity for innovation, its exemplarity in waste recycling and the performance of its facilities. It’s also an opportunity for the general public to get informed about the progress in knowledge on global warming..

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Vice chairman of the Senate, Senator-Mayor of Meudon
Chairman of Syctom, the metropolitan agency of household waste


An exemplary waste management


By displaying the goal « 0 waste and 100% recovery », the Secretary General in charge of the preparation and organisation of the la COP21 has made the decision to make waste management exemplary not only throughout the event, but also during the construction phase.


Recognised for their knowledge, different stakeholders have committed to combining their skills and constructing a comprehensive original and completely unique measure for a COP21 and for an event of this scale.


In this public/private alliance who does what?


  • Derichebourg: the cleaning of interior spaces, the waste collection and management of a pre-sorting plant (100m2 for the reception of flows of waste before being sent to the recycling industries).
  • Syctom, the metropolitan agency for household waste: making visitors and service providers aware of best practices for waste sorting and recovery, as well as processing and recycling.
  • SUEZ Environnement: the waste management, stream disposal and its recovery plan.
  • La Poste, Nouvelle Attitude and ArjoWiggins : paper collection and recycling.
  • Moulinot Compost & Biogaz : the recovery of biowaste from the catering and restaurant industry.
  • L’ORDIF, The Île-de-France Waste Observatory: the monitoring of the measure and indicators.
  • Rcube, federation of stakeholders for reduction, reemployment and reuse: the management of recycling industries.
  • SEDIF, the Île-de-France Water Board: the installation of water fountains linked to the supply network to provide the site with drinking water and making eco-responsible water bottles available.
  • SIAAP, the public service for Île-de-France sanitation: waste water purification.
  • Viparis : site management and cleanliness.
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