Recycling facilitators looking for members of the public


Follow the guides!


Passionate and committed to the area of sustainable development, these young graduates or students completing their studies have a very in-depth knowledge of the reality of waste processing and management.


They will be there to answer all your questions on the subject, explain the “best practices” for sorting to you and tell you how an exemplary COP is built. Don’t hesitate to come and see them and ask them for advice!


There will be approximately thirty of them permanently on site to give you practical and educational information on recycling.


Where can you find them?


Thanks to their badges, you will recognise them easily.


  • Near to the waste collection plants and the packaging pre-sorting plant
  • In the spaces open to the general public: In the Espace Génération Climat and on the Rue couverte
  • In the UN area reserved for speakers
  • At the information and registration points:
    • for the visits to the sorting plant in Sevran
    • for the “Climate Tour”

What do they offer?


  • A « Climate Tour » : this walking trail presents the whole collection and waste processing provision implemented on the COP21 site.

  • A visit to the selective collection sorting plant of Syctom in Sevran

  • Explanations of the recycling industries, supporting infographics

  • Direction towards the collection plants present onsite.

  • An invitation to discover the packaging pre-sorting plant based on the COP21 site, and to « put yourself in the shoes of a sorter » by playing on an interactive multimedia table, simulating the conveyor belt of a sorting centre.

  • Practical information on the side events offered by Syctom


Useful links


The COP21 sites:


The site of the United Nations framework convention on climate change:


The shared “Greater Paris urban public services” website: