Exemplary and innovative


Against a backdrop of the scarcity of raw materials and energy transition, waste must be considered as a resource.



A daily challenge for Syctom, which is always in search of innovations to optimise the performance of its facilities (increasing energy efficiency, improving recycling processes), and seeking to find solutions to the processing of biowaste.



It is also dedicated to developing the use of alternative non-road modes of transport and an exemplary urban integration.


A priority to urban integration


Basing household waste processing plants in dense urban environments is a strategic choice, which is heading in the direction of sustainable development.


This proximity allows for a significant reduction in the mileage undertaken for collection and efficiently connects the plants to the urban heating network.


Their integration into their environment therefore represents a vital challenge for anticipated acceptance by the residents and the municipalities and a harmonious coexistence with the local people on a daily basis.

The Ivry/Paris XIII project: a technological challenge


The project to rebuild the recycling centre at Ivry/Paris XIII, all the while keeping it operational, represents a technical achievement. The project plans to develop the industrial identity of the site and access to the surrounding neighbourhoods via new public spaces.


Along with the Building Environmental Quality certification, there will also be an original High Quality Artistic and Cultural approach from Syctom, represented by Le Musée du Monde en Mutation (The Changing World Museum).

Key figures