A major player in waste processing


For over 30 years Syctom has been responsible for the public service of household waste processing and recycling for the most densely populated local area of France.


To fulfil its mission, it works alongside municipalities in charge of collection and a group of local partners.


This collective approach heralds what is to come in the waste sector in terms of the future Métropole du Grand Paris (Greater Paris)..

Vice chairman of the Senate, Senator-Mayor of Meudon
Chairman of Syctom, the metropolitan agency for household waste


Syctom's local area


Enlarging the map


Syctom includes 84 municipalities spread over 5 Île-de-France region departments: Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Yvelines.


It is in charge of the public service of waste processing over this large local area.

Tomorrow, with the creation of the Métropole du Grand Paris (Greater Paris), the local area will open up.


To respond to the environmental, economic and energy challenges of this area, Syctom and the neighbouring utilities (SITRU, SIGIDURS, SIREDOM, SIEVD, SMITDUVM and SIETREM), representing a local area of 10 million residents, are considering optimising waste processing by pooling facilities.


The ambition is to further improve the efficiency and quality of the public service of waste processing on Greater Paris scale.



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